Posada Colibri

Things to do and see in La Paz

  1. Stroll the Malecon anytime but especially at sunset or in the evening.
  2. Visit the Museum of Anthropology at the corner of Altamirano and Cinco de Mayo.
  3. Walk around the Public Markets. Mercado Madero is at the corner of Revolucion y Degollado. Mercado Bravo is at the corner of Bravo y Guillermo Prieto. See the food section and maybe try a taste of something interesting like a real Mexican chile relleno. This is a place where the working people eat and everything is basic and good.
  4. Go to one of our beautiful white sandy beaches:
    Walk or ride a bicycle-built-for-two to Coromuel at the north end of the Malecon, approximately 2 miles from Posada Colibri.
    A perfect bike ride from our place.
    By Taxi: La Concha Hotel beach, Caimancito beach, next to La Concha Hotel, Costa Baja.
    By taxi or Aguila bus from the station on the Malecon:
    Tecolote, Balandra (don’t stay at balandra late in the day because the no-see-ums bite when the shadows get long.
  5. Listen to music on the Malecon or Zocalo in the evenings.
  6. Play Loteria in the Zocalo on 5th de Mayo y Madero on weekends.
  7. Visit the Cathedral in front of the Zocalo, Revolucion &5 de Mayo.
  8. Try fish and seafood tacos in the AM or Grilled beef tacos or hotdogs at night from recommended street vendors.
  9. Visit the pottery and weaving shops to watch the handicrafts being made (See maps)
  10. Try the tamales from the vendor at Aramburo Market on Madero and Hidalgo.
  11. Espiritu Santo Island/Los Islotes snorkeling and diving day trips from recommended vendors.
  12. Kayak around the bay of Balandra and the mangroves
  13. Rent bicycles to cruise around the city.
  14. Hike in the hills overlooking the Bay of La Paz
  15. Enjoy evening coffee on the Malecon and people-watch.
  16. Tour and learn about the Orphanage with staff from Se Habla Español.
  17. Go to the movies at Cinepolis on Forgadores and Colosio. For schedule see www.cinepolis.com.mx
  18. Take a day trip over to Todos Santos and the Pacific coast. Try surfing or boogie boarding at Los Cerritos.
  19. Rent a car and drive the loop from La Paz to Cabo around the point and back, full day or overnight.
  20. Snorkel Cabo Pulmo Reef (2 hours south on the Sea of Cortes)
  21. Kiteboard or windsurf or just watch at La Ventana, 45 minutes from La Paz (Nov. – Apr.)
  22. Take a day trip Lopez Mateos on Magdalena Bay to see the whales. (3.5 hours one-way)
  23. Watch a professional soccer game at a sports bar with the fans. (Tailhunters is a good one.)
  24. Go deep sea fishing with recommended vendors
  25. Attend events at the Teatro de la Ciudad or Teatro Juarez.
  26. Try recommended restaurants every evening.
  27. Read www.rozinlapaz.com to see a calendar of upcoming cultural events and even more interesting things to do.
  28. Hearing the Orquestra Juvenil is a very feel-good experience. Rozinlapaz will have the dates.
  29. See www.clubcruceros.com to see what the Gringo community is up to. They usually have something fun going on.

Most of this list comes to us courtesy of Julie at Se Habla La Paz. Thank you, Julie.